Environmental Management Services

Lidwala provides environmental planning and management services that are in accordance with the integrated

environmental management procedures and the environmental impact assessment regulations


Lidwala has an impressive track-record from a wide range of projects. The approach builds on individual experience in conducting Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) and preparing Environmental Management Plans (EMPs) that comply with the relevant country’s legislative requirements.

Each member of the EPS team has a field of speciality that contributes to the team’s versatility, cost effective project approach and compilation of proposals. These fields of speciality include vegetation, ecology, wetlands, Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA), Visual Impact Assessment (VIA), Social Impact Assessment (SIA) and Public participation.


• Environmental reporting and authorisation
• Environmental management services and systems, monitoring and control
• Strategic environmental planning
• Biophysical analyses, vegetation studies and rehabilitation
• Environmental training and social development
• Spatial development and planning services

• Mining related environmental work such as closure planning
• Mining environmental management programme reports (EMPR’s)
• Social and Labour plans (SLP)
• Prospecting and mining applications
• Environmental compliance monitoring
• Permits and licences (WULA, AEL etc)

Company Projects