Spatial Management Information Solutions (SMIS)

Lidwala’s SMIS discipline specialises in the integration of spatial information systems

with traditional information technology


Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and related technologies unlocks the full potential of data by leveraging the power of maps and spatial analysis. This provides unparalleled insight into different facets of data that were previously unseen, converting raw data into valuable information. GIS can empower organisations through detailed knowledge regarding their assets and workflows, helping them solve problems, increase productivity and stay competitive.

At Lidwala, our SMIS team develops dynamic spatial management information solutions with applications in various sectors of industry, including, civil and structural engineering (such as asset and utilities management), town planning, environmental management (such as feasibility studies, spatial analysis and sensitivity mapping) and the geographical information industry itself.

Project: Mpumalanga Bridge Management System


• GIS programming, solutions design and implementation
• GIS and Spatial database design, development, programming , deployment and maintenance
(PostGIS, Spatialite, MySql, MS SQL, Oracle and ArcGIS SDE)
• Web-based GIS development and deployment (Geoserver, ArcGIS Server, Mapserver, Mapguide, GeoDjango)
• GIS hosting and virtualised GIS server setup(VMware, KVM, OpenVZ, Microsoft HyperV and Xen)
• Facilities and asset management solutions
• Mobile GIS and data capture solutions

• Design and maintenance of corporate GIS databases
• Distributed document management systems integrated with GIS
• Spatial analysis (vector and raster)
• Gap analysis
• Spatial data cleaning, maintenance and data migration
• General cartography and customised mapping
• Differential GPS survey and GPS data analysis
• Utilities mapping and route analysis
• GIS Support, systems documentation and user-training
• Pavement Management System inhouse software development

Company Projects