Highways & Transportation Engineering

Lidwala’s Highways and Transportation discipline encompasses the provision of efficient,

convenient and effective modes of transportation


Lidwala’s highways and transportation team provides a comprehensive range of road design and transportation related engineering services; fulfilling appointments for all three tiers of Government -National, Provincial/Regional and Local as well as a large number of Private sector and Parastatal clients.

We pride ourselves in providing our clients with specialist solutions and related work that is of the highest quality. We have successfully completed numerous projects to the value of billions on International, National and Provincial roads, including interchanges and major link routes.

Project: R35 Road Project

Design and Supervision of the Rehabilitation of National Road R35 between Amersfoort & Morgenzon

Project: P17 Road

Planning, Investigation, Design and Supervision of the Rehabilitation of Road P17/7 (R538)

Project: R581 Road

Consulting Engineering Services for the Routine Road Maintenance of National Route R570 from Jeppes Reef border post to the N4, R571 from the N4 to Mananga border post, R581 from R570 to R571 and R582 from R571 to N4

Project: N12 Road

Design and Supervision of the Reseal of N12

Project: P50/1 Ermelo to Morgenzon

Design and Construction Supervision of the Upgrading of Road P50/1


• Feasibility studies
• Geometric design
• Pavement and materials engineering
• Planning of National, Provincial, Metropolitan urban and rural roads
• Design and rehabilitation of freeways and interchanges
• Design and rehabilitation of rural and urban single and dual carriageways

• Traffic and transportation studies
• Township layout master planning
• Labour-based construction methods
• Gravel roads and streets
• Pavement and Road Asset Management Systems (RAMS)
• Commercial development parking areas and stormwater management design

Company Projects