Lidwala Renewable Energy

Lidwala Renewable Energy is a project development company offering solutions

for Solar Energy, Hydro Energy and Wind Energy

Solution Offering

Our commitment at Lidwala is to make your experience of the provision of renewable energy solutions and infrastructure world-class in every respect.

Together with a very talented team, we strive to provide an unbeatable combination of appropriate and high­quality solutions, delivered on time, and backed by outstanding professional support.

Solar Energy

Solar is one of the fastest growing energy sources in the world and gives Africa another foot in the door for industrialisation on a scale never seen before. Planning, implementation and maintenance are key for successful installations. Lidwala has built a reputation for delivering major projects in the energy and engineering sectors.

Wind Energy

Lidwala provides clients with specialist solutions from planning, design, implementation management and commissioning of Wind Energy systems. From environmental planning and management to community buy-in and project implementation Lidwala have the capabilities to see projects through to commissioning.

Hydro Energy

Hydro Energy has become one of the leading sources of clean energy across the globe. However it requires a high level of expertise to maintain and run efficiently. A well designed Hydro Electric plant does more than generate power. It’s a source of water for irrigation and an environmental tool for flood control. Talk to us about our expertise in the planning, design, implementation and maintenance of Hydro Electric Plants .

Company Projects

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